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Why Penguins

Question or noun? You decide!

Hi, my name's Sean ☺ - A.K.A Sean Boettger
I'm a creative who dabbles in as much as possible, working from Melbourne, Australia.

Feel free to check out my portfolio and contact me if you want to collaborate ☺

A roughly sketched image, of a still from a christmas short film displayed on a cracked phone.

Short Films

Watch some of my short films on the small screen :)

Another sketch of a playlist on a smaller phone.


Listen to some of my music on ancient tech!

And a final sketch of a few other renders and sketches in a pile :P


See some of my digital and traditional stuff!

A sticky note that says 'You can dun it!'
Another sticky note that the news dynamically appears on.
To do :D
Finish Website...
Finish Video Editor!
Launch Website!
Finish Script!
Make Trolley!!
Film It ;(
Another sticky note that the news dynamically appears on.
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