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Before my stuffs on a bigger this is wat I got :P
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My Last Goodbye (2017)

A music video about the effects of addiction :P

I filmed and edited this one for a friend (who made the song) :)

Short Credits:
Lyrics and Performance Jackson James Lee
ProductionWhy Penguins Productions
Cinematography, VFX and EditingSean Boettger (Why Penguins)
Music ProductionVicki Lee
StarringJ. Rose
(See end of video for full credits)
Terrible Film Catalog -> Short Films

Bells (2016)

A christmas enthusiast hears bells in the dead of night...

This was an absolute blast to film XD - from conception to filming took just one day!

Christmas HuggerJulia Boettger
Santa KillerSean Boettger
Production, Cinematography, VFX, Editing and ScoreWhy Penguins Productions

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